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Earthquake of 5.5 Size Felt in San Deigo

The information stations posted on Facebook story asking people if they felt that the earthquake sandiego along with the answer received was mixed. Karen Silberman Tomasello replied a Yes, and further added they felt it in Bankers Hill. He continued stating that they had been on the top floor i.e. fourth of a condo building. Karen sounded upset while commenting that unfortunately, they feel most of these stronger earthquakes. Betsy Elizabeth Oliver-Uribe responded that they experienced an extremely scary shake assessing in form Harbison Canyon East Country. Annie Sevier Spackman also shared the moments of Earthquake. Annie reported that she felt that an Earthquake at Eastlake (Chula Vista) and due to shaking her kitchen cabinets rattled. She explained more, because of shaking, her cat acted psycho beforehand.

Julie said they felt in the Spring Valley. There are no accidents or damages yet reported in any area. The Earthquake was of 5.5 magnitude. Near Alberto Oviedo Mota, near Mexicali, Mexico; the earthquake san diego was reported as of 5.5 magnitude. The location was afterwards shifted to near Coahuila, B.C. by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) once they revised their findings. Based on USGS, it is nearly 166.9 miles from the southeast of San Diego.

San Diego Police Department (user name @SanDeigoPD) tweeted that some people felt it, and many others did not. They ascertain that no area is damaged due to the 5.5 magnitude earthquake san diego. The police department committed to updating its people of any change in the situation. To unveil the upgrades on San Diego Earthquake Scenario, the National Earthquake Conference was held this past week. A fast response was detected among the people on Twitter and Facebook about shaking in their regions. People used the hashtags like #SanDeigo, #earthquake. Gaby Rodriguez (user title”@GabyR_news”) said on social websites;”Felt it a bit shaking! Did you believe it? , employing the hashtags. They felt that the shaking in Del Mar, Chula Vista and even Arizona. Some reported that they even felt the shaking as far north as Orange County.

Fortunately, no harm was reported in the end result of earthquake san diego. Various people reported feeling the Earthquake all over regions named Southern California and also including numerous locations in San Diego, Imperial County. The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute looked at the effect that of an earthquake of 6.9 magnitude along the Rose Canyon Fault would have on the region. Tremayne stated that according to their estimates made, there are about 120,000 buildings which could be ruined after a future Earthquake on the Rose Canyon Fault. He moreover said that there is roughly $38 billion estimated of financial loss that could occur in our community. In the 1990s, construction codes of San Diego were upgraded. So newer construction needs to be built to higher standards.

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