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Intel Introduced Four New Processors, will be used in More than 500 New PCs.

Largest Consumer Electronic Show  CES 2021 held in Las Vegas, companies from all over the world are presenting their unique products. Intel has also introduced many of its processors in the same show. Earlier processors used to be a bit simple but now artificial intelligence is being supported in almost all processors.

At CES 2021, Intel has introduced four new processors simultaneously that will be used in business, education, mobile and gaming computing platforms. These Intel processors are designed to provide people with a premium PC experience with more options and no limits.

At CES, Intel has launched the 11th gen Intel Core vPro, Evo vPro, Pentium Silver and Intel Celeron platforms.

At the CES conference, Intel explained how it is advancing technology leadership by offering more than 50 processors, followed by more than 500 new designs for laptops and desktops in 2021.


Features of Intel’s new processor:

Intel Claims Best Performance and Security with 11th Gen Intel Core vPro and Evo vPro.

The N-Series’s 10-nanometer Pentium Silver and Celeron®️ processors deliver an unmatched balance of performance, media and collaboration for education systems.

At the event, Intel has also introduced the 11th gen ITEL H-series mobile processor for the gaming platform, which is specifically for gaming. Intel also showcased its products coming to market in 2021, including the 11th gen Intel Core S-Series desktop processor (Code name “Rocket Lake-S”) and its next-generation processor (code-name “Alder Lake”) Includes 11th gen Intel Core H-Series processors.

Executive vice president of Intel Gregory Bryant said, “Only Intel has the products for various architectures, a large and open ecosystem, massive manufacturing capabilities and deep technical experience, which consumers need in this era of spread intelligence. With a deep focus on the execution of our most important products and our wide portfolio, we are introducing a range of leadership products at CES, followed by new products throughout the year.

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