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Signal App: 6 Features Which Makes Signal App Special.

Signal messaging app’s downloading has increased significantly after the privacy conflict with WhatsApp, however WhatsApp has delayed its privacy policy for three months following the dispute over its new policy. Millions of users are switching from WhatsApp to Signal. Aside, there are many features which are in the Signal app, what makes the Signal app different from WhatsApp.

Six such features which are in WhatsApp but not in Signal.


Virtual number

The biggest feature on Signal app is that you can use it through a virtual phone number. In such a condition, your real number will not be known to anyone. Apart from, the Signal app does not track your contact list. The Signal app verifies OTP via virtual number, while a phone number is required for registration.

Activate the pin

Signal account is not linked to your phone number. Its specialty is that its registration is done through a Pin. Whose information is only available to you. Due to this pin, the Signal user is very difficult to track. You can use it by going to privacy settings and going to registration lock.

Reed Recepts

You can turn on Always Relay Calls by going to the privacy settings of the Signal app. Also, you can disable read receipts. By this, the advantage is that your IP address will not be leaked.

Screen timeout

To get rid of unnecessary messages you can set the screen timeout for at least one minute. The app will be locked after one minute after this setting and no one else will be able to access your app.

Allow from Anyone

You can turn on the option Allow from Anyone by going to the privacy settings. After this, not everyone will be able to message you, only those people you want will message you.

Disappearing Message

Disappearing message feature has come recently in WhatsApp, but this feature is already there in Signal. You can set the message display in the signal app for 5-10 seconds, after which your message will be automatically deleted.

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